Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Secrets of the Founding Regular People

The History Channel aired their new documentary, Secrets of the Founding Fathers. I DVR'ed and watched it. I don't like when people say they watch the History Channel all of the time. Don't get it twisted, I enjoy history, but only history tools say they watch it every damn day. Don't be that guy. The documentary was serviceable. The content focused primarily on the role secret societies such as the Freemasons played in the founding fathers lives with a brief stopover around weed. When they weren't calling the founding fathers a bunch of drunk potheads, they featured different interviewees who were on the extremes of saying the founding of America was in every way, shape, or form a Masonic plot for world domination or someone who downplayed every aspect of Masonic influence on the founding of America. I swear they had one guy come on and just give one liner poo-poos to every thing the other guys were saying. There was one guy with a PhD who was middle of the road enough to actually give good information. I would still recommend watching it because I watch the History Channel often and they have high quality programming.
***Spoiler Alert***
That's where that goes, right?

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