Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cops Are Taser-Happy? No Freaking Way!

Get out of the town! Cops overuse/abuse tasers? Well give me a pop and call me soda! This story out of Ft. Worth, Texas shows another instance of possible too quick to taser-ness by law enforcement. This guy refused to sign a ticket twice so he was definitely in violation and should have been confronted even with being detained/processed. I don't know about sticking a taser in the guy's face and going to town, though. I can state this much as fact. I'm concerned that if I even look at a cop the wrong way I'm going to get tased. Why should we be living in fear of the police who enforce our laws? We shouldn't. At the end of the video at the link the reporter informs us that the rule the Ft. Worth department uses is police are allowed to use tasers for agressive behavior, but not for passive non-compliance. I'm not sure all departments use that rule, but that seems fair. Just follow it.

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