Monday, July 27, 2009

The Nonpopulist's Rules for Life

Another one of The Nonpopulist's Rules for Life: Learn from and appreciate other cultures. Being an American, I have a disadvantage or two when it comes to this rule. #1. Americans are taught to hate or dislike people who are different from them from an early age, even other Americans of a different ethnicity. Yeh, I said it because it still happens a lot. #2. The respect we do give other cultures and ethnicities is 95% lip service. You may say, it's Black History Month, let's learn something or I like Mexican food, but it's really about realizing that your way of life is no better than their way of life and valuing individuals. I was lucky enough to get to hang around some Koreans this weekend. We played badminton, swam, and cooked out. They were cool guys even though I could tell they felt uncomfortable at times, we all got along, well and it wasn't forced. Now they have invited me and the friend that introduced to me them for a Korean style dinner in a week or two. It's going to be cool. I tried kimchi this weekend, how much worse can it get?

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