Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Burning???

And it's not the south or Nazi Germany this time. This book burning story comes out of Wisconsin and is a real dilly of a pickle. I can solve this problem with this problem. This is cool, watch how I do this. Not many people read anymore, especially kids unless it's Harry Pooter (no typo.) The style of young adult books where homosexuality, rape, and drug use are central topics has been around for a few years, but so few kids read and fewer share what they've read that it is just now coming to light. Not many people read so you don't have to censor books anyway. Now, to be fair, the angry town mob doesn't want to actually burn the books, they just want to censor them, mainly by having them moved to the adult section and marked explicit. Grow the hell up, people. Would you rather your kids get exposed to adult themes via the internet? Them internets is where most kids are obtaining knowledge of sex, the most perverted sex imaginable at that. 2 girls, 1 cup anyone? I would much rather my kid get exposed to that in a book that is published for the young adult category where a publisher and editor have tailored it toward even a liberal moral bias than have them type sex in a search engine. The books don't say "Go be gay. You're gay. Why don't you rape a classmate?" They are books. Written by authors. That are published. It's a classic shelter vs educate parenting choice. Any reasonable parent educates more than shelters, and that goes for guns, sex, drugs, life choices, even money. Really, this story makes me want to shake these parents that want censorship to an unreasonable degree. Just pick them up and shake them. As an aside, since most people don't read, it is considered nonpopulist and should be done. Get them book smarts.

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