Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Populist Vs. Nonpopulist

I hope to make this a regular installment. I call it Populist vs. Nonpopulist, a kind of point-counterpoint. See if you get the idea.
Justin Timberlake:
Populist- OMG, he's so cute and I love his music, even the N'Sync hits.
Nonpopulist- Sure he made gay music, but he's funny on SNL and you can see how talented he is on that show.
President Obama:
Populist- Awesome. He's the first black president which means he's different from every other politician since the beginning of time, and we have a reason to be hopeful.
Nonpopulist- Hope from a politician? Not bloody likely.
Ben Affleck-
Populist- I hate Ben Affleck because other people do because I'm a mindless tool.
Nonpopulist- Arbitrary Affleck haters make me laugh because they don't have the ability or judge works individually. Armageddon is supposed to be a throwaway movie. His cameo in Boiler Room can never be touched and he directed Gone Baby Gone which is a good movie. He also had a part in Good Will Hunting which is great.
Terrell Owens-
Populist- T.O is a team cancer, primadonna who tears teams apart.
Nonpopulist- One guy can tear a team apart? He works harder and is in better shape than 95% of people in sports. I doubt he's that bad, and he's still just one guy.
Having your own opinion is important.

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