Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fundamental Assumption Review: Who Really Wants to Help Us?

I'm back posting after a short hiatus due to moving. I know no one missed me because no one reads this blog, but I'm pretending here.
We live our lives based on some beliefs that are fundamental assumptions. Assumptions, however, turn out to be wrong sometimes so we need to be open to reviewing our assumptions from time to time. One assumption that I've been thinking about lately is that our elected officials always have our best interest at heart. Certainly our representatives consider the people's best interest from time to time, but there may be other things that outweigh what would be the best decision for the majority of Americans. There's many theories as to what those other things would be, and I'm not trying to speculate on all the other motives that may be in play. What I really want to question is the fact that they are altruistic or that the average person believes politicians always have the utmost integrity. Think about this: The government's recent handling of the various bailouts and rescue packages has received harsh criticism from a variety of sources. Some have gone so far as to call the government officials making the decisions stupid or ignorant. All of us who pay attention to the government have all seen things we question from time to time, or even want to call stupid, but the recent billions thrown around in Washington have drawn extra ire. But what if these people are not as stupid as they are made out to be. What if they are making the poorer decision on purpose for another reason. Another problem is I am not sure which alternative makes me feel better. I think neither.

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