Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baseball and Steroids

This is not a sports blog, but I will have sports takes since I like sports. One sport I don't like nearly as much as I used to is baseball. I was once able to sit down and watch a whole 9-inning game and be into the game; not anymore. Part of what continues to keep me away from baseball is the writers. I hear these guys on sports talk radio all of the time being high and fucking mighty. Baseball writers are per capita some of the most uppity bitches in the known universe. Make sure everyone knows who you are not voting into the hall of fame and for what reason. Like I give a shit. Why don't you analyze the decreasing pitch counts for starting pitchers? Oh, another player has been linked to steroids? You don't say? Good, something else you can run into the ground. Fuck your idea of integrity of the game and your piling-on journalistic instincts. Talk about how base running is a very overlooked part of the game nowadays, you bunch of bitchy little girls.
(I realize broad generalizations were made above. Want to fight about it? I don't.)

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