Friday, July 3, 2009

Unfortunate Products of Their Environments

This story is a little old, but I was on vacation and not aware of current events when it first got reported. This came out around the time all of the turmoil in Iran got hot, but this blatant example of police abuse of power overshadows Ahmadinejadahusytanpoonturd fixing an election. See what I did with his name? I added more syllables and dirty words to his name- hyperbolic! I expect that shit to go on abroad, though. We have democratic elections in this country where the media is influenced into telling us who to vote for. Anyway, the video. Cops are on constant power trips. It's kind of their jobs. They are oppressive and the average police officer is pretty dickish. I have my own anecdotal reasons to dislike cops, but I'm not too near-sighted to blame them. Think about it. They are conditioned to be that way. They are always on edge. They have to constantly be on their guard. Anyone in that position day in and day out would be the same way, including me. All of those factors considered, I still think this cop went over the line. There was a sick person in the ambulance. And the law the officer was trying to enforce (because that's what they do, that's their job description, they enforce laws, they don't serve and protect-even though that is still printed on the cars sometimes), failure to yield, that's weak. He was really just pissed off because the driver flipped him off. Ha, if I did what he did in response to being flipped off it would be called road rage. Shit, if you look at a cop the wrong way nowadays you are likely to get tasered. The bottom line: I try to understand where cops are coming from. They are people too, and they are one of the few groups who I think are products of their environments. That doesn't mean that I want to be oppressed by them, though. Sticky situation, huh?

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