Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4/20 Post: The NFL and Pot and Hypocrisy

To me pot was a high school thing. I haven't touched the stuff since then, so pardon me if I eye roll at the mention of (huh-huh) 4/20. Pot has been making news recently in the sports world and the real world and today being a holiday for dank bakers everywhere I thought I would speak on it.
Alternet is an alternative news website that I check regularly. It's sort of like Deadspin, but with real news. That is a compliment to both sites. The title of this article from Alternet gets you thinking all by itself. Imagine what the article will do to you. "NFL Hates Pot, but Loves Alcohol and Violence." It's true. Look at how many beer sponsors the NFL has. The NFL wants fans to get tanked up on beer at games, but then comes out with a NFL fan conduct policy, the buzz kills. Screw that noise. The last two NFL games I have been to I got plenty drunk and cursed loudly and had a verbal altercation with other fans at one game where I was rooting for the visitor. I made an ass of myself and had a good time. The league's stance on the players is where the main hypocrisy is at. The best line from the Alternet story is
"This is the league’s policy. Go to a club and drink – No problem. Stay at home and enjoy a little marijuana – Get suspended."
 I would add don't sexually assault anyone or get a DUI when you drink and it's all good. Despite the NFL's drug testing policy and consequences to potential endorsements and public image current and potential NFL players still smoke hydro. Deadspin breaks down. how this year's draft class is rumored to have many pot users among them.  How dumb do you have to be to smoke pot when it could ruin your chances to make millions of dollars and be able to smoke pot for the rest of your life after a few years of work?
That's deep, bro. Have you ever thought about, like, how if animals could talk like on cartoons then the world would be in better harmony? Animals could tell us when people are hurting them and the environment. And then we could all just chill, bro. That was my best stoner impersonation. It sucked because I don't smoke pot. Now if it's ever legalized I may have to revisit some high school glory days. I hear a lot more mainstream support for legalizing pot nowadays than I have ever heard before. It may happen one day.

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