Monday, April 19, 2010

This Octopus Says 'Yoink' to Diver's Camera

Even our reefs aren't safe anymore. This is an underwater video of an octopus taking a camera away from a diver who disturbed its quiet time. The cameraman 'got sprung on' (remember that phrase?) which would have made me poop my underwater diaper- if that's even a thing. The soundtrack to the video is National Geographic for the first minute, but after the octopus gets the camera the music feels like I'm watching a Wes Anderson movie which is fitting, I guess. The craziest part of the video is the diver chases after the octopus and gets the camera back. The cameraman pulls a harpoon gun on the octopus during the attempt to get the camera back, a great tactical self-defense maneuver, but never shoots it because he was worried about the octopus uploading the video to Youtube. The uploader writes the history books!

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