Friday, April 30, 2010

How Is Everything Zach Galifianakis Does Funny?

Zach Galifianakis is probably one of the funniest people alive. Being funny seems so effortless for him, but I know it can't be. I'm sure he works very hard at what he does. He seems as effortlessly funny as I am effortlessly unfunny. I pose one question. Has anyone ever seen something in which he is not funny? I am open to being proved wrong, but I doubt anyone can produce something for me to watch where Zach Galifiankis is not going to make me laugh. Some of his more recent highlights include his "Between Two Ferns" web series (pictured above and for which he was recently nominated for a Webby award,) The Hangover which I only recently saw and liked, but the thing he has done which made me laugh the most is his comedy DVD Live at the Purple Onion. I laughed more watching that DVD than when the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow and every season of The Office combined. Of course, I don't find The Office funny. They could easily make a funny show, but choose to do otherwise. My meaningless critiques aside, here is a video I found on Funny or Die of Zach discussing physical comedy with short appearances from Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn (from The Sarah Silverman Program.)

Be warned, there is some brief partial male nudity so the video is probably not safe for work unless you work at a company that works with male nudity, queer. O wait, that's supposed to go before the video. Why do I always mess that up?

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