Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Conan Tour Update: I Still Can't Go, Am Envious

I'm still sad I can't go to any of Conan's tour stops. In fact, a tear just dropped in my beer. I'm seeing all of these poor quality videos fans are posting on Youtube, (although I appreciate the effort) and it only intensifies the waves of self-pity I feel. Proximity is not an issue. Conan's tour is coming to a city within reasonable driving distance. The bigger issue was my lack of money around the time the tickets went on sale. Now I could afford it but alas, I will have to make due with bouncy videos with either too loud or too low audio. Sad sigh... Here is one of the latest videos I have found that appears to be a video intro Conan O'Brien uses to open the show.

There is a lot of Conan news out there nowadays, but only here at The Nonpopulist can you find such a downer post. Let me add something different to this sad sack post to make it sadder, but also uplifting. I looked for a reference for this online a few days ago, but couldn't find anything so this will just be hearsay until I can find something backing it up. Shortly after 9/11, maybe even a few days after, when people were still scared to even get on airplanes I remember a story about Conan O'Brien being in an airport and being approached by an employee of an airline or the airport (again, fuzzy on the details, this is from memory) after recognizing him. The employee asked for Conan's help because there was a room of people that were scared to fly, many of them emotional. Conan complied, but I can picture him looking puzzled at what he could do to help but doing it because he knew he should. In his mind he probably just turned on monologue Conan and went in the room hoping for the best. The only thing I know was said by Conan was one of his signature lines that he doesn't use much anymore, but always said it in a higher-pitched voice, "Be cool, my babies." That is one of the coolest things done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. It still tugs on my heart strings. Conan is a class act, and that story for which I can't find any substantiation proves it.
Also, Conan is going to be on 60 Minutes this Sunday, May 2nd, and they may have to blur his face out in promos for the show since his interview gag order isn't lifted until May 1st. [Movieline]

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