Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boaterhome? Boaterhome.

Have you always wanted to be king of the road? Have you failed miserably at every attempt? What you need is the Boaterhome. The 1987 Sport King Boaterhome to be exact. It's a motor home, but it's also a boat. Quit being a bitch on the road and\or water! Man up with comfort, style, and presence. Show the road, water, and all drivers therein you have a pair of balls that ladies enjoy servicing with the Boaterhome.
Bidding for this majestic land behemoth is currently at $21,000. "$21,000?!?!?!? I'd be a fool not put in a bid," is what you might be saying. Actually, you'd be a pussy, and my advice is to not be a pussy in front of your children. That causes all sorts of developmental problems. There were only 21 of these recreational super vehicles made. That's rarified air you could be driving and boating in. But wait, there's more.
From the Ebay listing:
"The Boaterhome is a 1987 Ford Econoline E-350 Van with a launchable 28’ Sport King inland Cruiser self contained boat.

On the land you use it as a motorhome, and when you get to the boat ramp, just back down into the water and the boat floats off in under 2 minutes."

You still have about 23 hours to make the Boaterhome your statement on the road. There have been over twenty bids, so you may have some steep competition out there.
Warning: the Boaterhome Sport King will not start if you are impotent. The potency sensor in the seat can not be disabled.

Did I just do a free commercial post for something awesome? Yes, I did. Thanks to "Thousand-Yard Stare" Bill for the link.

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