Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Video of the Last Rolling 30-Day Period

I've got your next Youtube star right here, It's ItsKingsleyBitch.

I want to be this guy's dear friend. But seriously, he is sooo right about skinny jeans. And he has a strong Chat Roulette take. What is up with all of the penises on there? Don't mind that Kingsley has a stereotypical family reunion t-shirt on. Judge him on his content like the DVD cover opinion and throw- hilarious. I could probably listen to this guy's opinions all day. Kingsley is a better belletrist than Roger Ebert! There, I said it. He's relevant too. Just listen to him carry on about texting. Whoa! He fininshes with a lot of venom directed at birds and how early they get up. I need a smoke after that whirlwind. That's a Youtube subscribe. I'll update when Kingsley has more wrongs to right. ITSKINGSLEYBITCH! He should start every video off by yelling that.

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