Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Day: Draft Hangover Style

I'm sitting on the internet and watching the draft anyway so I might as well do a post. This is the most exciting draft I can remember. The wheeling and dealing has been dizzying. This is an off-the-cuff reaction, but this is probably the best draft for the Lions in the past decade. The Suh and Jahvid Best picks alone were great for the Lions. I like what the Falcons did, but I have been accused of being too high on Sean Weatherspoon. A lot of people are singing the Seahawks' praises, and while they made a lot of moves that improve the team and get some picks for the future, their actual picks aren't really blowing my skirt up. My favorite team, the Titans, had a decent draft. I would have been happy with Pierre-Paul or Derrick Morgan as long as they got a defensive end who will make an impact right away. As far as the teams I am laughing at the most after the draft... the Broncos drafting Tebow has had me laughing every time I think about it since Thursday night. The Raiders actually drafting good players and making good value picks in the later rounds with Bruce Campbell has me flabbergasted as well. Here's some links.

Mirror man. That is all. [Scene 360]

MC Sole has some tips on how to keep things afloat during these tough economic times. He's been a favorite underground/independent/avant-hop/MC of mine for a while. [Sole One]

I'm about to link another blog's post of a collection of links. Space time continuum, do your thing. This is where the above Denzel Washington Venn Diagram came from. [FilmDrunk]

A creative, albeit a sick way to bury someone. Tibet, you need saving! [MBV Travel]

The latest Facebook news, and no it's not the bikini picture sorter for which we've all been hoping. [ReadWriteWeb]

Since they're not allowed to have mean, scary guns (except for hunting, I think) this is how people in England are forced to defend themselves. I give them points for creativity. [James McAdam]

And a music selection for today from the aforementioned MC Sole.

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