Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiger Woods Nike Commercial Redubbed

Lost in the frenzy of people judging Tiger Woods' actions is the fact that golf is boring. The only thing worse than watching golf on television is having to play golf. Golf is almost a worse non-sport than driving (NASCAR) yet I am forced to hear about it every time I turn on the television or look at my twitter feed thanks to Tiger. The issue is not how many women with which Tiger has had sexy time. The issue is how much golf sucks. That is why I am happy to see the internet parody machine humming along and producing videos such as this one where the recent Nike advertisement that dubs one of Tiger's voicemails that leaked during the incident over the black and white footage of Tiger looking all serious. "Hey, look at me. I'm serious golfer man. I've got laser sharp focus and a libido that makes your dad seem gay. If you want to know anything look at the police report. I'm about to go hit a golf ball." I don't know what I'm doing. I'm not really into this today. Here's a picture of Elin that stirs my boner interest.

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