Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Week in Police Brutality: Double Amputee Tased by Police

I have heard of excessive force, but this is almost cartoonish in its overkill. Police in America have been getting more and more taser-happy, recently using the device on a pregnant woman, an elderly lady who refused to sign a ticket, and now on a guy who has no legs. "I have no legs, I have no legs." Anyone who gets that reference- you are sick. How much of a threat could an officer honestly think a legless man is? A much more likely scenario is the guy just got a new taser and just wanted to try it out like a new bike on Christmas morning. The video of the man describing the incident is sickening. I feel so bad for the guy. The cops drug him out of his wheelchair and put him on the ground, but his pants were pulled down in the process so his dick was exposed. Maybe the neighbor lady got a peek and liked what she saw. Silver lining? I realize that is in poor taste, but I'm trying to not be such a downer what with the oppressive police state in this country going unchecked. According to the Merced Sun-Star the officers involved stayed on the job even though they were being investigated by their department's internal affairs division. Wow. Vic Mackey from The Shield can't believe they get to still be cops after beating up a legless guy, hurting his shoulder, and tasing him. Check out the video, but you may want to have a tissue or some medication that calms you down ready as it will either depress you or enrage you. I first saw this story on 3Report.

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