Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The NFL Scheduled Prematurely Ejaculated

The NFL schedule just came out. Sploosh. A little early, NFL, but I guess you wanted to steal ESPN's thunder they were planning with their schedule release show. At that landing page you click on what team's schedule you want to view. They have a new map feature this year that allows you to view where the team will travel and which teams will travel to them. You can toggle the map between viewing cities your team will travel to, teams that will travel to your team's city, or both. Other notes include me looking at week 17 and realizing just how good the decision was to make all week 17 games divisional games. Holy crap. And the Christmas Day game is going to be the Cowboys at the Cardinals. Damn, the Cowboys have to work every holiday. I hope it's better than the Chargers at the Titans matchup last Christmas. That game was craptastic.

1 comment:

  1. craptastic, at least you didn't buy tickets.