Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Beginning 8 Minutes of Back to the Future 1 and 2 Synced Up

Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. If you don't like the Back to the Future movies we can't be friends anymore. Stop reading this blog... now. That's probably taking it a bit too far, but I do enjoy falling into the trap of watching any of the three movies on TNT on Saturday afternoons. Anyway, this video has about the first eight minutes of Back to the Future I & II synced up. The guy who made it said it's not 100% perfect, but I beg to differ. Wow, what the internet can do. It's a marvel. And Elisabeth Shue, wow, what I could do to her. She always makes my boner flutter. Loved her in Adventures in Babysitting. That is such an underrated movie.

Hat tip to Household Hacker for the link.


  1. Nonpopulist, you should check out the movie "Palmetto" if you've never seen it...Shue uses her post-pregnancy boobs to full effect

  2. Palmetto, huh? Added to Netflix. Thanks. I expect there to be milking from the info you've given me.

  3. fluttering boners are my new cellar door. neat video.

  4. *looks up cellar door on urban dictionary*
    Ha, tis a lovely combination.