Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Browsings of the Day: Geocitiesized!

We all remember geocities, right? Relive those days of old with a new website that allows you to Geocitiesize any webpage. It is as fun as it sounds. The above picture is from You can find more of their funny pictures at their facebook page.

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This handy poster is illuminating. Our government spends money poorly. [Death and Taxes]

Community is one of my favorite shows on television. I rarely do a post about it because there is such a saturation in the market. Every other blog in the world is posting about Alison Brie and her escapades, animated gifs, etc. Here's something different, an interview with Dan Harmon, the creator of Community. He is also one of my favorite people to follow on twitter. [Paste Magazine]

Phillies fan taser meme. A little past its prime at this point, but a nice review if you missed any of it. It's no Epic Beard Man, but it will do. [Holy Taco]

SBNation has conducted a scientific poll regarding adults and the wearing of sports jerserys. I'm a jersey t-shirt guy myself. [SBNation]

Vince at FilmDrunk always comes up with great titles for posts. This post is about a movie with Kristen Wiig and he titled it "Kristen Wiig Juggles Flaming Cum or Something." He's got a gift, people. [FilmDrunk]

A recent post I did over at EDGE, one of the other blogs I write for, on President Obama telling college graduates to not waste all of their time on or trust in new media. I pretty much blasted him. See for yourself. Girls and their slutty facebook drinking pictures are discussed. [EDGE]

A post I did for the other blog I write for, The Gally Blog, on the whole Lawrence Taylor situation. I have to warn you, it's tongue-in-cheek. Actually, I hope it's a little offensive. I just covered the story from a different angle. [The Gally Blog]

For a musical selection I give you Grand Buffet. I was riding around in my car the other day playing my ipod and Grand Buffet hit the speakers and my car took off like a rocket ship, the speakers melted onto my ball sack, and I turned potent again. From my cursory internet research I have determined that they are on some sort of hiatus. Also, they have almost no youtube videos with good sound quality.

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