Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Remember That Time People Drank Fat Mike's Pee at SXSW? Or Did They?

It probably didn't happen. Since my previous post has led to more search traffic than any post I have ever done I thought it a good idea to post an update on this story. See my original post on the whole Fat Mike making people drink his pee and them cheering about it here. Yesterday on the FatWreckChords (the name of Mike's record label- wordplay is a strength and staple of Fat Mike's) twitter feed a link was posted to a Youtube video which shows Fat Mike pulling a houdini-esque move of subtly switching out bottles just before he went on stage. The NOFX front man hit the SXSW crowd with the ol' okie doke apparently. But why, Mike? People cheered for it when they thought they drank your pee. Why ruin their elation? That is such a Poseur (title to a favorite NOFX song) move. The people who actually thought they got the chance to drink from one of your golden shot glasses will no longer be able to brag to their friends they tasted your urine mixed with tequila.What a disappointment for them. The original video obviously cut out the switching of the bottles. If you want you can view that video here. The video posted on Youtube yesterday has the switching of the bottle (with Fat Mike's penis thankfully blurred out) in real speed and slow motion in case you miss it the first time. Here it is:

Hey, at least Fat Mike dribbled some pee on the guy right in front of him. At least he got someone. In the above video some people might get confused because at first glance it seems like the guy standing beside Mike made the switch and then a switch back, but you need to look at the time stamp in the small screen at the top right. So no one drank Fat Mike's pee. Though I'm sure if you're really into that sort of thing he would oblige you. Just don't be too desperate for it, people. And now a video of one of my favorite NOFX concerts to watch online on Youtube from the the Bizarre festival in Cologne, Germany in 1996. It's a medley of Beer Bong and The Brews. Beer Bong is one of my top 10 favorite NOFX songs. I think I like this concert because Fat Mike is so wasted and talks sh*t in one of the videos about banging the chick from the band Garbage.

Ah, NOFX is still one of my favorite bands. Now I'll be watching them on Youtube for a while.

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