Friday, May 14, 2010

Get Your Party Liquor Ready, New Season of Squidbillies Begins This Sunday Night

Your comprehensive update on all things Squidbillies (premiering this Sunday, May 16th at midnight EST, 11pm CST.) NO ONE covers Squidbillies like The Nonpopulist. NO ONE.
"What in the hell is Squidbillies," you may be asking. Ok, noob, Squidbillies is an animated show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block of programming that kicks ass. The story centers around a family of redneck squids living in the mountains of Georgia. The patriarch of the family, Early Cuyler is an ex-convict who is barely trying to raise a son, Rusty Cuyler, as a single father along with other relatives who live with them, Granny and Aunt Lil. They are racist against white people, they drink and drive, and general hilarity ensues thanks to writers who I have a sneaking suspicion use crystal meth. For more help illuminating what Squidbillies is all about I have selected two short video clips:


"My name's Early, and I'm a real pugnut."
If that doesn't whet your whistle then we might not be able to be friends anymore. The season premiere is this Sunday, May 16th at midnight EST and will feature the band Widespread Panic. I'm not all that high on hippie jam bands and neither is the Cuyler clan so I'm anxious to see how that plays out. Other guest stars this season include Chad Ocho Cinco and the band Drive-by Truckers. I think they are going to do something making fun of Insane Clown Posse this season too. The only evidence of that I have is this picture tweeted from the Squidbillies twitter account.

They also shot a promo for the new season with Unknown Hinson, the voice of the main character Early Cuyler. He is also an alt-rockabilly musician in his own right as well as recently joining Billy Bob Thornton's band. I'm also a fan of Hinson's music and saw him in concert one time, and I would definitely see him again if he came somewhere close enough. View the promo he shot below where he also alludes to meth use.

Bonus picture of someone with a Squidbillies tattoo. If people are getting tattoos of it, the show must be good, right?

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