Friday, May 28, 2010

Oasis Update: The Band Getting Back Together??? Plus Update on Singles Album

The band is getting back together albeit in a bastardized form WITHOUT NOEL! Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Andy Bell, and some queef named Chris Sharrock have put together a band called Beady Eye according to the official Oasis website. If Noel's not in the band then it's not Oasis and it won't be good. (Whose side do you think I took when the band broke up? The talented side.)
Since Oasis (2nd favorite band ever) broke up in August I have gone through however many stages of grief there are. Denial, anger, the rest, and now I am just waiting for Noel to do his long-rumored solo project. Sh*t, I'd go see him do an acoustic set by himself with Oasis b-sides. I have said many times that Noel Gallagher is one of the best songwriters of our generation. It's such a shame that anytime anyone in America hears Oasis they instantly think Wonderwall. That crap kills me. It's not like I go around advertising and telling everyone that I'm such a big Oasis fan, but if I know someone and it eventually comes out that I like Oasis they immediately always say harharyehIlikeWonderwall-it'stheironlygoodsong and then drool on themselves. That sends me into a Tasmanian devil-type rage twirling around the room grabbing genitals and wallets because screw you. You know nothing about Oasis, you lazy American twat. It's the only song you ever heard because it was the only one fed to you via mainstream American radio. Calming down now.
Oasis is also releasing a singles collection which I will not buy because I've already heard them all. Here's Noel talking about the singles collection "Time Flies" and then another video talking about one of my favorite Oasis songs, "Cigarettes & Alcohol."

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