Monday, May 10, 2010

Who Is This Owl City Guy Kidding?

Let me tell you a story. I was driving in my car today on the way to a meeting of little importance and no longer having a sports talk radio station in range and the trip not being long enough to justify hooking up my ipod I turn on FM radio so I could hear some wacky noises in between songs that I'm too old to like. I'm 28, but crotchety way beyond my years. I happen upon a station with sort of a happy electronica beat and a familiar voice. I think to myself, "I've heard this before. It sounds like Postal Service. I didn't know they had a new album. Of course how would I know if they have a new album or not. It's not like I troll message boards for news about Postal Service."
Then the song ends, but what is this? The DJ says "that was Owl City." Say whaaa? Maybe they changed the name for Postal Service to Owl City because of some sort of legal issue with the United States Postal Service. I resolve to inquire further on the matter once I get to a computer. Now I am up to speed on the whole situation and find that the Owl City and Postal Service are completely different groups that sound exactly alike. I plan to set the internet ablaze with my findings, but of course everyone has already commented on it. I am the last person to be aware. The funny thing is the Owl City guy, Adam Young, denies he is completely ripping of Postal Service but cites them as an influence. Way to stick to your whiny guns, douche.

"All this denial has me emotional."

Anyway, that's your whiny music update for the day. That Postal Service album was good, though.

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