Monday, May 17, 2010

How Much Is Your Dead Body Worth?

Sometimes a question is asked that I did not even realize I wanted to know the answer to. And sometimes that question is also answered. That is the case with this documentary film aptly titled, "How Much Is Your Dead Body Worth?" The title really jumps off of the screen, right? You can view the whole documentary here at the awesome website Top Documentary Films. Yep, that's an easy bookmark if you didn't already know about that site. They have many documentary films you can stream for free right from their site.So I have a question for the makers of this documentary or the modern-day grave robbers that make all these millions of dollars on cadavers- if the body is fatter is it worth more? Do you guys pay by the pound? The reason I ask is because I know a lot of fat people. Also, in what sort of condition do you guys accept bodies? Do I have to kill people myself or do you have some sort of Saw III torture deaths planned out?
Through the magic of embedded video you can now view this entire documentary directly from The Nonpopulist.

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