Monday, September 20, 2010

A Dad Outshines His Daughters in Youtube Bieber Dance Party

In honor of my twitter avatar for the past week (Justin Bieber) I thought this post would be a good send off. I will change it tomorrow afternoon. To what I will change I am not sure yet, but I'd rather have the default twitter bird than roll with the Biebs any longer. For those of you who do not follow me on twitter, this has been my avatar for the past week.

The reason that has been my avatar for an awesome week is because I lost a fantasy football bet. The winner got to choose the loser's twitter avatar for a week. When you consider what my choice for him her would have been I'm sure you'll agree it was a dick move on his her part. She's a Minnesota Vikings fan so I was going to choose an Aaron Rodgers picture for him her. But enough of my bitchy whining. I've taken my medicine. I am not going to give the winner of the bet the pleasure of publicity, though. This video helps a little.

Wow, that is uncomfortable to watch, but not for the reason you might think. The girls are lifeless. How can they ever hope to make it out of the Lithuania (according to the Youtube information) based on their singing and performing talents? The dad, on the other hand, has got the goods. He seems a little like he may be a cog in the wheel of some eastern bloc crime syndicate but has managed to get a lot of practice dancing at the local discotheque their crime family owns. Good for him. I still feel bad for him as a parent, though. His daughters aren't living up to the family talent level. I hope these girls learn from their father and bring some charisma next time.

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