Friday, September 3, 2010

I Was Just Thinking Car Commercials Could Use More Speed Metal

Every once in a while an internet video comes along that makes me smile in a special way. This video series is called Cars. It reminds me of a Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! on steroids, crack, and Sparks malted beverage. It's not about cars so much as it is a crazy car commercial in the first video and insane random awesomeness in the second video. These videos got enough notoriety that comedy powerhouse Patton Oswalt took notice, called one of the main guys behind the video, and asked him when Cars 3 was going to be made because he wanted to feature it at a film festival. How do I know all of that? I heard it on the Filmdrunk Frotcast, specifically episode # 5. Filmdrunk's podcast, if I may plug something for a minute, is the best podcast I have ever heard. I got on the podcast bandwagon when it first got hot a few years ago, but most of them sucked a$$, so I gave up. So for all I know, there are more good ones now. I really don't see any of them being as good as Filmdrunk's podcast though. And really, who has the time. The Frotcast is something I will make time for, damnit. By the way, look up the term frot. Many of you are aware I am a fan of ultra-offensive humor, the more offensive the better.The Frotcast satisfies that need. But back to the Cars videos, watch these sh1ts!

Check out Car 1:

Cars - watch more funny videos

And Cars 2:


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