Monday, September 13, 2010

NFL Cheerleader Eaten By Mascot: Video

 Sexy NFL cheerleader shot is obligatory

This weekend's NFL action was nothing short of spectacular. I was entertained for about 9 and a half straight hours yesterday. There were controversial plays, epic fails, and this... a Tennessee Titans cheerleader being eaten by a mascot. I did not type eaten out, you pervert. This isn't a porn site. I saw this live since the Titans are my favorite team. Most of the time when my wife is watching a game with me I have to pretend I'm not paying attention to what the cheerleaders are doing with a casual look away here and there, but I hit rewind on the DVR a few times for this. As I perused Youtube for this clip I see it has been done already several times, but it's new to me. A version of the Titans' mascot(regular one is a furry costume), a racoon named T-Rac, swallows a cheerleader whole. Watch the video:

If the Youtube video gets taken down, go here.

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