Thursday, September 9, 2010

Public Enemy: Say It Like It Really Is: New Video

Public Enemy has a new song and video called Say It Like It Really Is. The song will be featured on the upcoming box set called "BRING THE NOISE: The Hits, Vids, and Doc Box." The song has a nice classic feel to it and features clips of notable people who Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and the guys feel say it like it really is. I was pleasantly shocked to see a clip of one of my favorite artists, Sage Francis, at around the 3:47 mark of the video. It's nice to see Sage get some respect from legends such as Public Enemy. I bet Sage has been twirling around his bedroom in spasmodic glee since he found out. Good for him. A clip of Rage Against the Machine was in the video too. There are a lot of cool people. Someone should make a list of all the people in this video. And say what you want about Flavor Flav being a pop culture joke nowadays, but he still is and always will be the best hype man in the business.

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