Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Latest Mentally Unstable Person Running for Public Office Is the Most Polished Yet

The startling awesome trend of people who should either be under full-time psychiatric care or at least taking medication for mental illness running for public office continues with Phil Davison. Guys like Davison, Chris Young, and BasilMarceaux.com make me ponder if it is worse to have crazy people or deceitful manipulators who are money and power grubbing whores in our political offices. The answer: more anarchy. Davison wants to be the GOP candidate for Stark County Treasurer which is in Ohio. As you will see he is passionate about wanting to be treasurer for this county in Ohio. Wait, Ohio? O, he's probably in the 90th percentile of intelligence in Ohio. Compared to the rest of the country, though, this guy is a nut job. See for yourself.

By far the best part of this video is how Phil Davison curtails the crazy at various points and remembers what would appear to be speech class etiquette. Wait, he has a Master's degree in Communication? Did I really hear him say that? I'm glad I have a college degree because obviously that still means something in today's world. O wait, I do contract IT work with no guarantee of a steady paycheck and am a wannabe blogger with a $hitty readership who never comments and who gets most of my page views from Google image searches. Sad but true. Why am I crapping on myself? This guy is the one who needs professional help. No one should be that happy or proud of their political affiliation.
Someone at around the 2:45 mark responds to a rhetorical question Davison poses. I learned a long time ago to try to avoid interactions with crazy people when they are agitated. Luckily it did not backfire on whoever that misguided was. It was fortunate for them they responded with something the candidate wanted to hear. Ha, he dropped a "knowledge is power" at the 4:28 mark. I'm glad to know someone else was a Schoolhouse Rock fan. Best of luck to Davison in the race.
Credit goes to Huffington Post as it was their story originally and the video was shot by one of their citizen journalists.

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