Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Site News: I Scored a Major Interview with a Super Bowl-Winning Coach

Tomorrow on The Nonpopulist I will pretend for a day this is a classy establishment in front of other people. I will hoodwink people in a professional PR setting into thinking I know the something about interviewing anyone as I do so for the first time with two-time Super Bowl-Winning coach Jimmy Johnson. Not bad for a first interview, huh? Well, we will see how it goes. I may make a complete a$$ of myself (likely.) Hopefully the fact that I have yet to shell out to pay for my own domain name will not make everyone throw spitballs at me. Many thanks to HuggingHaroldReynolds for the opportunity. I will try not to let you down. I will try my best to get something up from the interview tomorrow afternoon. I am shooting for a full transcript. Please feel free to comment if you have any good questions you would like me to ask.

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