Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who Knew A Political Interview on a Morning Talk Show Could Produce So Much Sexual Tension?

The following video is from the Fox morning show in Providence, RI.
Here is the description from the Youtube video:
"The Rhode Show begins its new series, "Coffee with the Candidates," to help you get to know the candidates running for elections and on a personal level. Today we begin with the Providence mayoral race and Democratic candidate Chris Young."

Is it just me or does that guy look like Chris Farley from when he did the motivational speaker sketches and act like Chris Farley when he did the sketch where he was a nervous interviewer? The Farley factor is off the chart. Did this guy, Chris Young, idolize Chris Farley growing up? Someone in tune with the local Rhode Island political scene please investigate. I would be nervous too. The lady interviewing him is a tasty little biscuit. The two have an obvious sexual chemistry, though. I haven't been this turned on by Rhode Island politics since Annabeth Gish in the Showtime series Brotherhood.

Rawr, kitty

Annabeth Gish is a very underrated hottie. She's also been in two of my favorite things ever, the movie SLC Punk and The X-Files.
Back to the video. Did you catch that pony tail he has tied up in the back? Why are you hiding that thing, my man? Let your mane flow. I have to give it to the lady interviewing Mayor-Elect Young (We can go ahead and assume he's going to win, right?) Number one, she manages to keep her clothes on while he is singing that song. Number two, she maintains professionalism and is able to find a place to cut him off before he breaks it down to the beat box/ extended version. At the end Young seems more intent on getting his band heard than running for mayor. Wait a minute, he's a freaking genius. He got his demo heard and we were none the wiser. Damnit! Well played, Chris Young. Well played.
I guess this is the new trend, crazy guys running for office. First Basil and now Chris Young.

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