Friday, September 17, 2010

The Nonpopulist Interviews Super Bowl-Winning Coach Jimmy Johnson (Part 1)

At a Crown Royal event for their new initiative, Operation CAMO Care Package, I had the opportunity to interview two-time Super Bowl Winning coach Jimmy Johnson along with three other blogger-types. Operation CAMO Car Package is a project Crown Royal in conjunction with Operation Troop Aid. I recommend you check out what they are doing and support the cause. The easiest way you can give your support is by going to your local adult beverage retailer and purchasing a bottle of Crown Royal in a purple camouflage bag. For every camo-bagged Crown Royal purchased they will fill another camo bag with essential items such as toiletries, sunscreen, snacks, and in some cases 120-minute prepaid phone cards and send it to troops serving overseas. That seems like a win-win to me.

The following interview portion has been edited for length and to not reveal how long and bumbling my questions were.

Nonpopulist: First, I want to say thank you for what you’re doing for the troops with Crown Royal and these care packages. It’s always good to see that, regardless of politics, we’re still supporting the troops. You mentioned spending time in Afghanistan, what do you have as a message to civilians after spending time there?

Coach Johnson: The biggest thing is don’t forget. I mean, don’t forget that we’ve got service men and women over fighting a war. And, don’t just take them for granted, because they’re doing a service and they’re sacrificing for our freedom and I think sometimes, back here in the States, they get all excited at one time, and as time goes on they just go on about their lives and they forget that we’ve got service men and women over there serving our country. So, don’t forget.

Dave (Blogging the Boys): You saw the Cowboys/Redskins game last week, so what’s your evaluation of the Cowboys so far?

Coach Johnson: Obviously it was really disappointing for any Cowboy fan to see some of the decisions made, not taking a knee right before the half was just a horrible decision. And I think they’re going to still be a good football team. I think the biggest thing is they get the offensive line back healthy then they’ll be at full strength. Defensively, I think they’ll be one of the top defenses in the league. And offensively they’ve got the skill people, but they’ve got to get those linemen back healthy.

Dave: You mentioned about the kneel down before the half and there’s a little back and forth about did Wade Phillips call it, did Jason Garrett call it, what do you think about that? The dynamic between the two.

Coach Johnson: We’re doing a piece on Fox NFL Sunday this weekend. I’m doing a piece on clock management and game management. An offensive coordinator’s responsibility is to score, but the head coach does the game management. The end result is the head coach has got to make the decision.

Dave: The Cowboys take on the Bears this weekend, so I wanted to ask you about containing Mike Martz’ offense? What’s the best way to attack that kind of offense?

Coach Johnson: Well, usually with Martz’s offense, he pretty well plays into your hands because as good as that defense is for the Cowboys, they’ll be able to get some sacks and interceptions. Martz is going to put up some numbers, as far as Cutler throwing the ball, so they’ll put up some numbers, and they’ll probably score some points, but I think the defense will end up getting some scores themselves, at least kicking field goals. You’ve got to force Culter into mistakes.

Nonpopulist: What young or up and coming coach are you looking at to make an impact in the league in the next few years?

Coach Johnson: Well, it’s hard for me to put one out there for the simple reason unless I’ve actually coached with them or I know them personally, I don’t want to go out and endorse somebody. I do know Sean Payton well, and he’s young, but he’s won the Super Bowl. In fact, one of the pieces I’m doing this week I give credit to Sean, some of his game management skills

Nonpopulist: What about rookies? In particular, Dez Bryant?

Coach Johnson: yeah, well I followed Dez Bryant because he played for Oklahoma State and that’s where I coached for 5 years, and I think he is going to be a tremendous talent. He’s really going to help the Cowboys if he can stay healthy.

Nonpopulist: I mean I guess they gave him 88 for a reason, right?

Coach Johnson: He’s a very talented individual.

Nonpopulist: A lot of jokes have been made about you doing the ads and sponsorship for Extenze, you know?

Coach Johnson: Right

Nonpopulist: There are easy pickings there comedically. How much did you get initially from the guys on Fox NFL Sunday and your other friends? [ed. note Wussed out, should have been edgier]

Coach Johnson: Well, Bradshaw in particular, but like I told him, I said, for that particular product, at my age I need all the help I can get (awkward laughter)

More hard-hitting football questions, and I'll get to a few Survivor questions in the next portion of the interview I post. You do not want to miss it.

Also, I would like to say thank you to HuggingHaroldReynolds and the folks at Taylor PR for the opportunity. It was a class event.


  1. Why are we calling him coach? Shouldn't he be survivor Johnson? No one calls me jack off Smith?

  2. I'll call you whatever you want, big boy.