Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Declarations

2010 is going to be big. I have a feeling, and I have pretty good instincts usually.
2010 is about knowledge and action. I plan on owning myself and not paying mental rent to corporate presidents.
In 2010 I am about lighting up suckers, knocking out chumps, smoking fools, and then talking noise about it.
2010 is the time to quit believing the hype. Think for yourself, be true to yourself, be independent.
2010 is the time to get more independent from institutions, people, and ideas that make us codependent, especially the government. I do not need you to survive, endless bureaucracy. The people are retreating. I heard a smart man, Jack McLamb, say, "We've got the jury box, the ballot box, and the cartridge box." That is all we have left.
In 2010 I want the real revolution, which is the evolution of the mind.
I'm open to what 2010 has for me, and I will open up 2010 to what I have for it.
If you can not tell I have been watching a Public Enemy concert on my DVR.

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