Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conan Go Bye-Bye

I am in a state of disbelief right now. What are the five stages of grief again? I think denial is one of them. Conan has signed his deal to leave NBC and Friday night's show with Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell as guests will be his last.. I noticed on last night's show after Conan signed off Joel McHale and Adam Sandler conspired and took the "Tonight Show" mugs their drinks were in, a nice souvenir. Now that we know things are going back to the way things were sans Conan I am left with a few questions. One, how long will Conan have to wait to get back on the air, presumably on Fox. Whatever his next move turns out to be does he stay in L.A. or go back to New York? Will he be able to keep his staff together during the wait for the new show to begin? Where was Lorne Michaels in all this? I know he was the producer on the old "Late Night" show, but I deleted the show from my dvr before I was able to check the credits to see if he is connected with him on the "Tonight Show." Either way he should have gone to bat for Conan. If and when Conan goes to Fox I will be anxious to see how a three-way race (I do not count Jimmy Kimmel) goes. As much as I love Conan a lot of people think Letterman is funny so I predict Letterman first, Conan second, Kimmel third, and Leno last. During this whole ordeal Leno's doucheiness has been exposed and it would be very fitting for NBC (nothing but cunts according to Adam Sandler's manager) to eat it. View last night's episode via Hulu after the break.

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