Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mandate Expired, Good Will Over

With the not-so-shocking win by Scott Brown [Wall Street Journal] in yesterday's Massachusetts Senate race it appears that the health care system in America and some of our freedoms have a temporary stay-of-execution. The reason I say it was not a shocking win, even in traditionally Democratic Massachusetts, is because people are fed up. Even old-money liberals are fed up. No one likes what is happening in the country right now. This has been the quickest turnaround of political party good will I have seen in my lifetime. Usually the nation's political tilt switches from Republican to Democrat and back again in longer intervals so this win by Brown should show even more how upset people are at a health care reform bill being jammed down their throat, more and creative ways to tax being formulated, and personal freedoms eroding at a feverish pace. The next big election is going to be full of political carnage. This was only a foreshadowing. Every member of the political establishment should be on notice. If you are an elected official you should probably get your resume ready and network with your contacts.

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