Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fundamental Assumption Review: Full-Body Scans at Airports

One can not swing one's dead cat without hitting a place where one of our personal freedoms used to lay (correct usage of lay/lie- had to look it up.) We need to examine the assumption that every single measure that is introduced to protect us and make us safer is really going to work. I do not have any evidence to back this up, but does it not seem as though all of our security measures are reactive instead of proactive? Either way I am not happy about another invasion of privacy in the form of full body scanners at airports. Here are a few tweets I noted when the story broke. I have been too busy keeping up with Conan to blog about this until now. Damn you NBC!

Hannaloves27 RT @politicsoffear: When Obama promoted "transparency" I didn't think it involved Napolitano seeing me naked. #tcot #tlot
3Report Airport Body Scanners Provide Crisp Image Of Your Genitals
Funny, but another thing to consider (thanks to Alternet) is who is getting rich from these body scanners?

My personal policy is this: Want to look at my junk? You have to pay. This ain't no freebie. I do not have much choice in this, however, so my plan is next time I fly to make sure I work up a rock hard bon, smile, and in my mind say, "Scan this!" 

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