Friday, January 29, 2010

We Need the Government to Protect Us from Protecting Ourselves

What are we to infer from authorities when a person who was defending his home from intruders ends up getting arrested for "first-degree reckless endangerment and second-degree criminal mischief, both Class D felonies, and second-degree menacing, a Class A misdemeanor." That is what happened in Buffalo, New York on January 21st according to The Buffalo News. The problem is there are many details missing from the story, although the story does read that the homeowner fired fifteen shots into the burglar's getaway car. That is probably why he was charged with reckless endangerment. Firing on a moving vehicle is usually frowned upon with good reason. The story also mentions the homeowner had the rifle up and ready when the criminals were coming through the garage door which begs the question why did he not shoot them as soon as they entered. Hopefully the NRA will get involved and defend the guy, but still you should not be shooting at a car going down the street. There is too much risk of a stray bullet going somewhere it should not go- if that is what, in fact, the homeowner did. I believe in gun rights and the right to defend yourself, especially in your own home, but you still have to know where your bullets may end up. Now that I think of it, the biggest question in this whole story was this guy's tactical defense plan. Why a rifle, which, from the content of the story, sounds like a smaller rifle like a .22 caliber, instead of a pistol or shotgun? You can be more sure the bullets will not over-penetrate by using hollow points since they will mushroom on impact and most of the time stop in the body or if you use the shotgun and get a center-mass shot any bullets that do over penetrate your target will be significantly slowed as to not be very dangerous.
If I had enough time and knew someone was coming I would have my tactical vest on with pistol and extra magazines and shot shells on it, then I would my sling shotgun shell belt over my shoulder and be holding the shotgun. I would not run and get a .22 rifle, but I guess if that's all you have then that is your best option. Even though the homeowner in this story is being brought up on charges, at least he is not dead. I really feel for this guy.

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