Monday, January 11, 2010

Conan Looks To Be on the Way Out

Foxnews is reporting Conan has contacted Fox about moving to their network to host their apparently long-awaited late-night talk show. The most interesting aspect to that possibility is who will win in a three-way competition between Leno, Letterman, and Conan. The first instinct is to say Letterman, but who knows, maybe Conan will benefit. The rumor is Conan is pissed off, and I obviously think he has a right to be. The Foxnews story brings out the point that Conan moved his entire family and staff to Los Angeles and I would add that NBC Universal built an entire studio for him as well. I will also add to all talent that may come into contact with NBC in the future that this is how they treat their people so beware. They tend toward back-stabbery. The jihad against NBC continues. Go here to tell NBC how stupid they are for treating Conan this way. Bottom line- I will follow Conan wherever he ends up. Click the jump button for the awesome monologue and show he did on Friday night.

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