Tuesday, January 26, 2010

President Obama's "Spending Freeze" Not the Answer

Some bullet points from President Obama's upcoming State of the Union address have been trickling out. One that I find issue with is a proposed "three year freeze on domestic spending." The reason that is a problem is both our government and country run on that spending. Duh, that seems obvious. What happened to his campaign promise to go through the budget line by line and cut out the unnecessary spending.

That was one of his promises I cheered on. I have been waiting the entire time I have been cognizant of our nation's government for someone to say that. The problem with politicians is they often make campaign promises they can not or do not intent to keep. Recently there was news that the president was appointing a committee to help him find spending to cut. This was their advice to him? Just do not spend any money for three years and everything will be alright. We need measured, cost-effective spending to run a country. Spending no money will be a bigger detriment. There is plenty of fat to be trimmed. Appoint me to that committee. Turn me loose on the federal budget. I know I can find spending to eliminate. There is plenty of wasteful dollars going out the door. But I think it is a better plan to scare us all with a freeze so that we will be happy to pay extra taxes to keep our country going. That is what patriots do. We welcome our freedoms being taken for the feeling of safety and over-taxing to keep us poor and desperate. That was sarcastic if you could not tell.

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