Friday, January 8, 2010

NBC's Position: We Hate TV.

Conan update: TMZ has the sources on this story apparently. Therefore they will keep getting web page hits from me and everyone else hanging on Conan's fate. The change this morning according to TMZ is Conan has been given the choice, a Sophie's choice, to either secede the 11:30 est time slot to Jay and have his show start at midnight on the east coast giving Jay 30 minutes to suck and chase viewers away before we get to Conan (the same problem they have now) OOORRRRR he will be free to sell his services to another network (at which time the ears of ABC and FOX executives perk up.) This is a lose-lose. When I try to watch Leno on his current format or when he was on the Tonight Show I was bored to sleep and do not try to tell me Leno will be better with whatever changes are made to his show. I have some advice for NBC executives: Whatever decision you may come to about anything about your job or TV, DO THE OPPOSITE!
Tell NBC how you feel here- then click the drop down for "Tonight Show: Conan" and let loose- as if anyone will listen.

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