Friday, January 8, 2010

The Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Day
Very late, but still funny Tiger Woods video from Funny or Die. Many web parodies do not really blow my skirt up, but this one delivers. [Funny or Die]

Carbon tax, carbon emission cap and trade, either one is unnecessary and anti-free enterprise. Another way to tax. Then again, I do not buy the environmental hype. [The Boston Globe]

An interesting interview with Alan Thicke. It was hard for me to believe too. [The AV Club]

45 manly hobbies. I participate in some of these. I would like to get into some more of them. [The Art of Manliness]

The AV Club is coming strong this week. They had an interview with Artie Lange also I just saw. Artie is always funny. I like when he comes on Conan ad when I get a chance to hear him on the Howard Stern show from which I just learned he is on some sort of hiatus... [The AV Club]
I change my mind after the jump...---->

Ginnifer Goodwin cancels out the picture at the top.

A scholarly political theory blog entry involving Kant and one of my favorite bands- NOFX. No fucking straight edge. [Intro to Political Theory Blog]

The AV Club... I should basically just put up a link to the AV Club because so much of this content is coming from them. They are hit and miss. Some weeks I do not even click on their twitter links because I have no interest in what they are writing about, but this week is special. Here comes another gem- RJD2. [The AV Club]

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