Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breaking News: NBC Hates My Demographic

TMZ has just broken a story about Conan O'Brien that is disconcerting for me. The rumor is that there could be a shakeup in late night television at NBC. Since it is NBC you can be safe in assuming the decision will probably suck ass. Jay Leno's show will go on hiatus for the winter Olympics in February and then after the Olympics is over Leno will be placed back in the 11:30 EST time slot for either 30 minutes or an hour. If it is an hour then TMZ reports that Conan will be out of a job. That is a travesty. Anyone who knows me knows I am a big Conan fan. I and many like me have grown up watching Conan's comedy and are very attached and loyal to him and to have him jerked out from in front of us now, when he has reached the pinnacle in late night, is a travesty. I am taking this serious because even though I basically loathe TMZ they know their stuff and probably have great sources. Therefore I am declaring a holy motherfucking jihad on NBC and Comcast's ass. The first step is speaking the television executives' language which I did in the title of this post with the word demographic. The next step is to contact NBC and let them know they will be screwing up if they mess with our Conan. Click here and tell NBC how you feel by clicking on the drop-down box and choosing "Tonight Show Conan" and filling out that form. We can not let this aggression go unchecked, people! When I figure out more to do I will be sure to update.

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