Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conan Says, I'm Out, But Not Much More Than That

Multiple sources are reporting that the deal to push Conan out and usher the unfunny, corporate shill with midwestern sensibilities back into his slot at the Tonight Show is almost done. It is obvious to even the casual observer that NBC and specifically Jeff Zucker's pride played more of a role in the recent late night moves more than the desire to broadcast good television. Conan is going to get paid a good amount of money, but his dream of hosting the Tonight Show is dead and NBC is putting in a clause that he can not go to another network for an as yet unrevealed amount of time. So you are going to deprive me of my Conan some more? Zucker is like the stuffy dean in a college fraternity comedy movie. Conan's staff is going to be "taken care of" also which is an almost decent thing to do since all of those people uprooted their lives to move to Los Angeles. The silliest part is NBC has already announced that they will bring scripted dramas and other shows back to the lead-in spot for Leno so they are admitting they set up Conan for failure but making sure Leno will not have the same difficulties to overcome. NBC has made an enemy in this. I will never watch another commercial on their network and if given a choice I will not buy a product that advertises on NBC in favor of a product not advertised on that wretched network. I will watch as few programs as possible also. I will limit my viewing to NFL football, Community, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock. Part of the deal is Conan can not reveal how dickish the network actually was in this whole ordeal, but that does not mean I am not able to arbitrarily trash NBC. I am vindictive. Ok, back to the NFL playoffs on Fox. Saints already have it locked up.

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