Monday, January 25, 2010

NBC to America: We Think You Are Stupid

I was ready to let my bitterness die down, move on with my life, and await the time when Conan returns to the airwaves on Fox, but a dumb ass NBC executive could not let sleeping dogs lie. Dick Ebersol, Chairman of NBC Sports, went on the Dan Patrick show today for an interview, and it was rather revealing as to how television executives see us, the viewing public, and how they see their talent. Ebersol went on the show to talk about the upcoming winter Olympics he is overseeing (the Olympics that is already estimated to lose $200 million), but Dan Patrick made it clear before he ever came on that he would be focusing on the recent events in late night television. A blog post about the interview and a link to hear the full audio can be found here.
The two main things that were apparent were the desperate need of NBC executives to save face by belittling Conan and that NBC executives view every person that does not live in New York City or Los Angeles as stupid people who are too stupid to handle any sophistication in their humor, stupid... stupid. Chairman Dick said that Conan had a "nice little show" when he was at 12:30 EST, and NBC's biggest mistake in the whole ordeal was the decision five years ago to promise Conan the Tonight Show when they had a perfectly good corporate do-boy shill in place already with Jay Leno. The point in the interview I found most irritating was when Ebersol makes a point to sing Jay's praises by saying he appeals to the midwest with his "down the middle humor." What are we? A bunch of bumpkins that will only get jokes about hog farming and how we wish we would have married our second cousin instead of our first? He specifically singled out the Central time zone. So that includes you too, second city Chicago. What an asshole. I am the one who is not sophisticated, though? Earth to Dick "Touch" Ebersol: A fucking child can do your job. Does this guy really think he is a part of some social upper class because he gets a say in what goes on television. Anyone can pick out shitty shows and put them on television. Anyone. I know a few people who can make bad decisions, namely my first cousin.

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