Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something Good Finally Coming From California

Yasha Levine has a piece on Alternet.org about how solar power may become viable for the average homeowner thanks to creative financing. Picture Al Gore in a cheap suit saying loudly, "No money down, affordable monthly payments, no equipment to buy" California company SolarCity is making all of this possible, and hopefully this trend spreads to the rest of the country with a quickness. We have been hearing for years that solar panels will never work for the average person because of how expensive they are. Problem solved. It seems like someone should have thought of this before. I do not go out of my way to do anything for the environment, but I am all about solar power for two reasons. Power companies have monopolies in their areas and competition will bring down prices and it will help me in my quest to become more self-sufficient. If I have solar panels on the roof I can still get electricity when western civilization breaks down. Now I can focus on making stylish tinfoil hats and clothing to keep the government from listening to my thoughts.

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