Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Arbitrary List: This Time, Top 10 TV Shows

Lists like these are arbitrary and subjective, but everyone does them so there must be some sort of voodoo magic to it. I call on you now, voodoo magic. Work like Gabrielle Anwar (pictured above) works on my heart.
Top 10 shows on TV according to Entertainment Weekly are as follows (my comments in parentheses)
1. The Good Wife (haven't seen it, not going to see it, Julianna Margulies is hot, though)
2. Breaking Bad (I've heard it's good. It looks ok, but the dude from Malcolm in the Middle, come on. maybe I'll watch the DVD's one day)
3. Lost (the fans have ruined it for me forever. Oh, and the show has a smoke monster, The people at the Syfy network think that is ridiculous, and they did a movie about abominable snow spiders.)
4. Friday Night Lights (I missed the boat on this one. I have had enough people recommend it to me that I will catch up on it one day.)
5. Fringe (I pity X-Files ripoffs. So does Gillian Anderson. We pity them, and then she has pity sex with me. *wakes up from daydream*)
6. Modern Family (WTF is this? ABC? No thanks.)
7. Glee (I watched the first episode of this at my wife's behest. We both rolled our eyes and called it queer.)
8. Southland (This show is ok and now on TNT. NBC had a decent show, then the executives looked around and said, "Well, this is too good for our network. We better sell it to TNT posthaste!" Oh, wait, they would not know what posthaste meant. Douches. TNT aired the first new episode last Tuesday, and it was pretty good. I did have a hard time getting back into the story after such a long time, though.)
9. Damages (I watched the first season of this. It was decent, but then they got flashback/ Run, Lola, Run fever, and I did not come back for season 2.)
10. Caprica (What is this? Syfy? Like Battlestar Gallactica? Hmm...)

My arbitrary list of the top 10 shows on TV (in no particular order)
1. Archer
2. Burn Notice
3. Sons of Anarchy
4. Community
5. Parks & Recreation
6. 24
7. Squidbillies
8. 30 Rock
9. The Simpsons
10. House

I do not like The Office.
There is my list. Wanna fight about it?


  1. Maybe I do want to fight about it. That EW list does have some good shows, but your list is better. I might not have put 24 on it though.

  2. 24 gets grandfathered in even though it has been going down in quality since season 5. This season is not great, I admit, but a bad season of 24 is better than most TV.