Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Internet, A short Poem of Gratitude

Inspired by a bad Chuck Norris movie...
Internet, the best of friends,
You rarely let me down.
A clip from a crappy movie I just saw
On youtube there I found.
If you are short on time go to 0:52 in and watch.

That clip is Chuck Norris from the 1978 film, Good Guys Wear Black. I have a new rule that I try to give every movie on IFC a chance, not everything, mind you, but anything I have heard positive things about, anything that looks remotely interesting,  or movies I have been meaning to watch anyway. So I set my DVR to record this since it had Chuck Norris and it was on IFC. The plot was basically like Delta Force, but the team gets double-crossed and there is not enough action. Oh, and it was during blonde Chuck Norris days. The movie was horrible, but this particular scene was horribly delicious and I wanted to share it with you. Pay it forward, internet!

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