Friday, March 12, 2010

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

I thought of a funny addition to the title of this article from USA Today. The original title for the article is, "Obama Still Struggling with Smoking." My humerous rewrite would be, "Obama Still Struggling with Smoking, Being President." Boom, roasted. But seriously, folks, I do not have a problem with your praise or criticism of the president as long as it has some factual, political basis. I encourage people to engage in our political discourse even though most facets of our political process are bull crap. So what if he wants to smoke? So what if he wants to quit? I am tired of smoking and smokeless tobacco being demeaned in our culture. Do we not have free will anymore? In many places one can not even light up in a bar to enjoy their smoking with alcohol. What kind of crap is that?
If you are going to criticize the president, why not do it for something substantive, such as trying to ram a version of health care reform to which there has been the largest grassroots opposition since the Vietnam War? Let him smoke in peace. You people are getting on his nerves, sheesh. This is like when people were criticizing the president for filling out a NCAA tournament bracket last year. Give the guy a break. Let him have a little fun. You only work forty hours a week at your job. He should not have to be on the clock all day either. He should get at least an hour lunch and two, fifteen minute smoke breaks.
Politics is not funny, is it?

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