Thursday, March 18, 2010

O Florida, Never Change

The south always seems to find a way to not only live up to the heritage it has built for itself but create an ever-growing legend of dumb behavior. I say this as someone who has lived in the south my entire life. Many argue with me and say that Florida is not really the south. To them I say click on this link to a story about a 14-year-old in Florida who was so unsatisfied that his grandfather could not make his four-wheeler (ATV) work that he felt his only recourse was to attack his grandfather with an axe. Also, Florida fought with the Confederacy in the Civil War. That is the major criteria for being considered "southern." Never mind the grandfather had purchased the four-wheeler for his grandson. The result of the young man's failure at life is...

"Cody was placed under arrest and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, a third degree felony."
 Bravo south, you have done it again. The picture above I borrowed from WarmingGlow.

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